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Flying with excess weight – tips for traveling comfortably

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Flying with overweight
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The most important facts about “Flying with excess weight”

  • There are no universal weight limits for passengers on airplanes; the focus is on safety and comfort in terms of the fit in the seat and the length of the seat belts.
  • Whether overweight passengers need to book two seats depends on the airline and individual factors such as seat dimensions and height.
  • If the standard seat belt on the plane does not fit, passengers can request an extension from the flight crew.
  • With the right preparation for the flight, the journey will be comfortable and safe despite being overweight.

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You are familiar with the narrow aisles, seats and toilets in airplanes. The question of how flying with excess weight works is an obvious one. We clarify this issue and give you helpful tips to make your journey on the plane as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

How heavy can you be to fly?

There are no universal weight limits for passengers on airplanes or with airlines; instead, the focus is on safety and comfort in terms of the fit in the seat. The dimensions of the seat and the length of the seat belts are more important than the weight of the passenger. 

Can you fly if you are overweight?

Yes, people who are overweight can of course fly on airplanes. There are no restrictions on the part of airlines concerning body weight. It is advisable to contact the airline in question before traveling or check online to see if there are specific details about the size of the seat and the length of the seat belts.

I weigh 130 kg: Will I fit in an airplane seat?

Yes, with a weight of 130 kg you should usually fit into a standard airplane seat, but the exact fit depends on the seat dimensions of the respective airline. So find out about the seat sizes on the aircraft of your chosen airline and flight. 

From how many kg do you need 2 seats on the plane?

The regulation for the weight at which two seats are required on an airplane varies depending on the airline and can also depend on other factors such as the person’s body size and shape. There is therefore no exact weight in kilograms at which air travelers need a second seat. If air travelers do not fit into a seat due to the dimensions of an airline seat and their own measurements, it is more comfortable and safer to book a second seat. 

Do overweight passengers have to book two seats?

You may be wondering: Do I have to book two seats for my flight if I am a very heavy person? That actually depends on the airline. Find out in advance from your airline whether booking two seats is necessary for your safety and comfort.

What if the seatbelt on the plane doesn’t fit?

If the seat belt on the plane does not fit, you can request an extension from the flight crew. These extensions are available on most aircraft and are provided by the crew to ensure that all passengers can be safely buckled up during the flight. However, be sure to let them know well in advance when boarding, booking, or checking in to ensure that your needs are properly accommodated. 

How long are seat belts on airplanes?

The length of seat belts on airplanes can vary, but standard economy class seat belts on most airlines are around 117 to 142 cm long.

Can the airline refuse to carry me?

An airline can refuse to carry passengers who are overweight if it poses a safety or health risk. The airline is more likely to refuse to carry you if you have not booked a second seat, even though this would have been necessary. If you have booked a second seat, it is therefore very unlikely that you will be denied boarding.

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I don’t fit in the seat – what now?

If you realize at the time of booking that you will not fit in the aircraft seat, you should also book the seat next to yours. An alternative is to upgrade to a higher class such as Business or First Class, which offer more space. 

If you only realize on the plane that you don’t fit in the seat, don’t worry and speak to the flight crew, you will certainly find a solution. It is often possible to transfer passengers and then offer you a seat that does not have a neighbor.

Flying with excess weight: double the seat, double the claim

In the event of flight problems, such as delays or cancellations, you are often entitled to compensation, depending on the circumstances. This compensation claim applies per person, but if you book two seats, the question naturally arises as to whether you are entitled to double compensation. 

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question, as it is a gray area. For example, airlines argue that no claims can be made for babies traveling with them, as the baby does not have its own ticket. But with two seats, you theoretically also have two flight tickets.

Flightright conducts court proceedings for passengers who have booked two seats. However, it is not certain whether courts will award double compensation. Court decisions vary from case to case. However, it is always worth asserting your compensation claim even if you have two seats, and informing us of your situation.

Tips and tricks for flying with (severe) excess weight

Flying with excess weight and size is a particular challenge for many passengers. But don’t worry, with the right preparations and a few tricks, your flight can be relaxed and comfortable. Tips for full and tall people:

1. Inform the airline

Inform your airline in advance about your needs. This allows the airline to make appropriate arrangements and make your flight as comfortable as possible.

2. Book a second seat

As already discussed, you should consider a second seat if you suspect that one might not be enough.

3. Ask for another seat when boarding

If you did not book a second seat at the time of booking but now think you need a second seat, speak to the staff during boarding. Ask about the available options and the airline will certainly provide you with a suitable solution.

4. Do not reserve an XL seat

Tall passengers with long legs benefit from the legroom of XL seats. However, the XL seat is not a good solution for corpulent passengers, as they are often more restricted in terms of seat width.

5. Do not book an emergency exit seat

Emergency exit row is just another word for the XL seat. So if the airline calls your XL seats emergency exit seats, you will have more legroom but generally less seat width. 

6. Wear comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothing on the plane is important for corpulent passengers, as it increases comfort, promotes blood circulation, makes it easier to adapt to changing temperatures, and offers more freedom of movement.

7. Book business class

If your budget allows, consider booking a business-class seat. These usually offer more space and comfort.

8. Book Premium Economy

A cheaper alternative to Business Class is Premium Economy, which offers more space and comfort than Standard Economy Class.

9. Avoid airplane toilets

Be aware that airplane lavatories are often very cramped. Plan ahead and use the toilets at the airport before boarding if necessary.

10. Ask for a seatbelt extender

If the standard seat belt does not fit, ask for a belt extender so that the belt fits, you are safe and the belt does not cut in uncomfortably.

Conclusion on flying with excess weight

Flying with excess weight does not have to be an obstacle to a pleasant journey. With good preparation and awareness of available options and services, you can make your flight comfortable and stress-free. By finding out about airline regulations, choosing the right seating options, and dressing comfortably, you can focus on what’s important: looking forward to your destination.

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