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Also for flight problems caused by corona. Money instead of vouchers. Select your flight problem.

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1. Enter your flight details
Our free check will tell you instantly whether or not you are entitled to compensation. Simply type in your flight, no matter if it was delayed, cancelled, rebooked or a missed connection. Claims are valid for up to six years!
2. We enforce your rights
With your authorization, our highly skilled team of travel law experts will confront the airline and demand you get your money. If necessary, we will even represent you in court. You will, of course, be kept up-to-date every step of the way.
3. You receive your compensation
Your money is here! We will immediately transfer the compensation to you minus our success fee of 20 – 30% + VAT. If we don’t succeed, your case will be closed free of charge.

You have questions? We have answers!

What does Flightright cost?

You only pay us in case of success. We then receive 20 – 30% of the enforced compensation plus VAT. Should we be unsuccessful, you don’t pay anything. That’s fair, isn’t it? Even our initial assessment of your problem flight is free.

We insist the airlines pay up

7 out of 10 customers report that the airline refused to pay compensation or simply ignored their claim. For this reason, many passengers feel powerless. Our legal experts fight for air passengers’ rights and enforce their claims against all odds. We know the airlines’ excuses, fight our way through the paper-warfare and uphold your rights in court.

You have time to enforce your compensation claim

Every EU country has its own rules about how much time you have to enforce your claim. In Germany, for example, your compensation claim is valid for up to 3 years. In the UK, it’s 6! Most countries offer a generous time period in which to submit your claim, but watch out for Sweden: Swedish claims must be submitted within two months of the flight incident. We can tell you how much time you have to enforce your claim or you can find out for yourself, quickly and easily, using our .

The No. 1 in Europe: We have already enforced over € 350,000,000 for our customers.

What do our customers say?

The airline won’t pay? Not with us!

Flight delay compensation

Whether you are finally ready for that well-deserved vacation or you are simply heading home after a city break, you usually trust that the flight you booked will take-off on time. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of situations which can lead to flight delayscancellations or missed connections. Don’t despair! Passengers are protected by the EU regulation 261/2004, and have extensive rights. Flight delay compensation is at least some consolation.

Flightright enforces your air passenger rights without stress and with no cost risk

Claiming compensation after a flight disruption can be a real hassle. Airlines aren’t giving compensation away, so don’t be surprised if your claim is rejected due to “extraordinary circumstances”. Flightright forces airlines to own up: we promote your air passenger rights, help you to claim the compensation you rightfully deserve and, if needs be, defend your rights in court. There is zero cost risk. Our expertise enables us to argue more professionally than individual consumers, and our reputation keeps the airlines in line. Using Flightright saves you unnecessary paperwork and stress. Our experienced travel law experts make sure you get what you are entitled to. You only pay us in case of success – we assume the cost risk.

Your air passenger rights are worth ready cash

In order to claim compensation successfully for a flight delay or cancellation, certain conditions need to be met. The flight must start or land in an EU member state. If the flight begins outside of the EU and lands in an EU country, the airline operating the flight must be headquartered within the EU. This means that inbound flights from outside the EU may also be claimable. As a passenger, you are generally on the safe side as long as you have a valid reservation and checked in on time. If your flight was cancelled due to the closure of an airport or airspace, you might not be entitled to compensation but you can still get a ticket refund. On the other hand, if the cancellation was due to a technical problem then that’s a different story. The airline will have to pay compensation from €125 to €600 unless they can prove that they were not at fault. They may also have to offer other services such as free phone calls or refreshments.