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Flightright is Europe’s leading air passenger rights portal. We have been fighting to get passengers the compensation they are entitled to for flight delays and cancellations since 2010.
We provide a guarantee of success: either we get your compensation for you or our service is completely free. Our success fee 20 – 30% (plus VAT) on your total compensation amount.
Go online to get Flightright to enforce your claim at the touch of a button and benefit from our guarantee of success without any cost risks.
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Your payout in case of success

We transfer your payout immediately after receipt of payment from the airline. We receive a success fee of 20 – 30% (plus VAT) of your compensation amount. We are transparent from the beginning: before you commission us, the success fee is shown in the compensation calculator.
Your payout
426 €*
Our commission
150 €
24 €
* In case of compensation of 600 € and a success fee of 25% (plus VAT)

Your payout in the event of partial success/settlement

We only conclude a settlement with your consent. We and our contracted lawyers are happy to provide you with advice needed to help facilitate your decision. A settlement can result in lawyers’ fees and court fees outweighing the compensation amount if they are not (which is standard practice) assumed by the airline. If the lawyers’ fees exceed the compensation amount, Flightright assumes the costs – so you never need to pay anything out of your own pocket.

Unsuccessful claims: Flightright assumes all of the costs

It is in cases like these that our success guarantee comes into play: We either enforce your compensation claim or our service is completely free of charge – even if we have taken your case to court. Make the most of this revolutionary way of enforcing your rights – without any risk whatsoever.

Helping you to prevail

Flightright puts you on an equal footing with the airlines. The airlines are often stubborn when customers who try to enforce their rights themselves. We combine the long-standing experience of our legal experts with state-of-the-art technology and have already won more than €300,000,000 in compensation for our customers.
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Flightright checks-in after airline’s disrupted customer service
Thank you, Flightright!! I have had several personal interactions with the airline trying to solve my case. Even having been a Platinum Status member for many years has not gotten me anywhere with this airline. Flightright took just a few weeks to get this sorted and ensured that I receive a proper reimbursement. I am highly grateful that there is someone to turn to to take care of customers, where the airlines have stopped doing this.
Philip Groth
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