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Even if your flight was cancelled due to Covid-19.

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Our legal experts have been advocating for passenger rights for over 10 years. Our immense success has resulted in enforced compensation of more than 430,000,000 Euros from airlines.


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With us you receive your refund: If the airline refunds your ticket costs within 7 days, our service will be completely free. After that we charge our success fee (14-28% + VAT), but only if we are successful.

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Refunds up to 6 years retroactively

Ticket refund: Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately things don’t always go according to plan when flying. Your flight was cancelled and you’re wondering about your rights against the airline? In our FAQ we answer the most common questions about flight cancellations and ticket reimbursements.

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Your flight was cancelled?

Flightright enforces your rights in the event of a cancellation and works to ensure that you receive your rightful ticket refund from the airline.