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Lyon-Saint Exupéry - Ticket refund and compensation in case of flight delays and cancellations

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Recently canceled or delayed flights at Lyon-Saint Exupéry

Find all the delays and cancelations at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport for which you may be entitled to compensation. If you are a passenger on one of these flights, quickly check your entitlement to compensation and instruct Flightright’s lawyers to enforce your claims.


Cancelation or delay at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport has three terminals and connects the city with numerous destinations in Europe, but also in North America and North Africa. Cancelations, delays and overbooking can sometimes affect flights. According to Flightright, there were a total of 40851 flights scheduled at Lyon Airport in 2023. Of these, 896 flights were canceled, representing 2.19% of all scheduled flights. In addition, 221 flights were delayed, accounting for 0.54% of all flights.

Flightright, your partner and expert in air passenger rights, will check the applicability of EU regulations to your situation and claim your compensation for you. Use our free compensation calculator to check whether your case is eligible for compensation.

What rights do I have in the event of a delay or cancelation at Lyon-Sain Exupéry Airport?

  • According to the EU regulation, you can receive up to €600.
  • If your flight arrives 3 hours late or more, or
  • If your flight is canceled or overbooked.
  • The amount of compensation depends only on the distance, not the fare.
  • You can make a claim up to 3, 5, and 6 years in Germany, France, and the UK, respectively.

What can I do if my flight is delayed or canceled at Lyon-Sain Exupéry Airport?

  • Contact the airline for information
  • Keep your tickets, vouchers and other documents safe, take photos.
  • Exchange coordinates and information with other passengers
  • Request your basic services afterwards if the delay is more than two hours

Cases that are eligible for compensation

According to the European regulation on air passenger rights, air travelers must have a delay of at least 3 hours on arrival in order to be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the flight distance (and not the ticket price) and can be claimed up to 3, 5, and 6 years later in Germany, France, and the UK, respectively. The following conditions must be observed:

  • The aircraft must depart from an airport in the European Union.
    • The flight can be operated by any airline (French, European or international).
  • or land at an airport in the European Union
    • The flight must be operated by an airline headquartered in the EU.

The compensation provided for by the EU in the event of delays, cancelations or overbooking at a glance:

Delay, cancelation, overbooking, missed connecting flight? You are entitled to:

Short distance up to 1500 kmMedium distance up to 3500 kmLong distance from 3500 km
e.g. London – Edinburghe.g. London – Athense.g. London – Tokyo

*Minus commission (usually 20 to 30% plus VAT)

What rights do I have when waiting at the airport?

These are the services at the airport to which every traveler is entitled. They depend on the length of the journey and the waiting time:

  • Short-haul from 2 hours waiting time, free drinks, snacks and 2 phone calls, emails
  • Medium-haul from 3 hours waiting time, free drinks, snacks and 2 phone calls, e-mails
  • Long-haul from 4 hours waiting time, free drinks, snacks and 2 phone calls, e-mails.

Assistance in Lyon-Saint Exupéry

Your basic services in the event of a delay of 2 hours or more:

Short Distance (less than 1500 km)Medium Distance (between 1500 km and 3500 km)Long Distance (more than 3500 km)
Delay: 2 hours or moreDelay: 3 hours or moreDelay: 4 hours or more
Drinks – SnacksDrinks – SnacksDrinks – Snacks
2 calls, 2 faxes or 2 emails2 calls, 2 faxes or 2 emails2 calls, 2 faxes or 2 emails

For delays of 5 hours or more

If you are informed that your flight has been delayed for more than five hours, you can give up your flight. You can therefore ask the airline to refund your ticket or ask for alternative transportation as soon as possible.

For delays until the next day

Is your flight postponed to the next day? In this case, the airline must offer you an overnight stay in a hotel, including transportation to and from the airport. Check with the airline and if they did not provide the allowance, get a written commitment that they will reimburse you.


Don’t forget: Vouchers for snacks, hotels or special prices for your next flight do not affect your right to claim your compensation.

The European reference at your side

We can take all the necessary steps with the airline on your behalf. Thanks to our Europe-wide experience in this field, we can achieve results quickly and save you time and money. If the airline does not cooperate, we can take your case to court with your consent, always bearing the full financial risk. If we receive your compensation, we retain a commission of 27% + VAT. We have a 99% success rate in the cases we represent – trust us.

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What are my passenger rights if my flight is canceled due to a strike at Lyon Airport?

If your flight is due to depart from Lyon Airport and there is a strike at the airport in question, first check whether your flight is affected by the cancelations due to the strike. According to the EU Passenger Rights Regulation, you are entitled to alternative transportation or a refund of the ticket price. You may also be entitled to compensation if there are no extraordinary circumstances and it is an internal airline strike, for example. Contact your airline for more information about replacement transportation, rebooking or ticket refunds, as well as local services such as meals and, if necessary, accommodation and transportation to the hotel.

Can I receive flight compensation if my flight at Lyon Airport is delayed or canceled due to a strike?

A flight cancelation or a significant delay of more than three hours due to a strike is often considered an extraordinary circumstance, provided the strike is not the fault of the airline or airline staff. There is no entitlement to compensation in exceptional circumstances. Nevertheless, passengers should check their rights to basic care and catering services at Lyon Airport. This includes meals, refreshments and, if necessary, accommodation, depending on the length of the delay and the flight route. Also important to know: If your flight is canceled because airline staff are on strike, then you are entitled to your ticket price refund, alternative transportation, meals on site and additional compensation.

Useful information about Lyon – Saint-Exupéry Airport

Saint-Exupéry Airport is the fourth busiest airport in France after Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Nice Côte d’Azur. The number of passengers has risen steadily since the airport opened in 1975.

Punctuality at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

According to our database, Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport recorded a cumulative delay slightly above the average for French airports. The cumulative delay adds up the delays of all flights that took off from Lyon airport. However, we found that the average delay per flight was relatively satisfactory. In addition, the cancelation rate of flights was quite high. According to this data, the flights in Lyon-Saint Exupéry are therefore on time on average.

Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport experienced robust flight operations in 2023. The most active airline was easyJet, which operated a total of 9,085 flights with 175 cancelations and 76 delays, which is a relatively stable performance given the high volume. This was closely followed by Air France Hop (HOP!) with 6,062 flights, 214 cancelations and only 6 delays, indicating a higher cancelation rate but a lower frequency of delays. Air France, Transavia France and Volotea also contributed significantly to the airport’s traffic.

WLAN at the airport

Lyon-Saint Exupéry has been offering passengers free and unlimited Wi-Fi access at a speed of 2 Mbps since 2016.

Exceptional circumstances

Most flight delays and cancelations in France are caused by strikes. According to the EU regulation, affected air travelers are not entitled to compensation if the strike does not originate from the airline. However, if the strike originates directly from the airline, compensation may be due. In any case, it is possible to obtain an alternative means of transportation as well as snacks and drinks. If you have opted for a package tour, you should contact your travel agency to find an alternative.

For more information about Lyon – Saint-Exupéry Airport, click here.

Problems with your flight from Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport?

According to Flightright data, there were 1117 incidents at Lyon airport in 2023, representing 2.73% of all departures. Assert your rights! Flight delay, flight cancelation, overbooking or missed connecting flight – the airline must compensate you if it is responsible. Flightright will do everything in its power to ensure that you get your compensation back.

We will be happy to help you in case of flight problems with the airline for:

We have already been able to help with problems at the following airports, among others

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Your flight did not go as planned?

In the event of flight delays, cancellations and overbooking, passengers may be entitled to compensation or ticket reimbursement. Flightright enforces your rights.

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