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The most useful holiday and travel gadgets

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Key Points about “Travel Gadgets”

  • Provides a list of helpful gadgets for travel.
  • Includes packing cubes, portable chargers, and travel pillows.
  • Offers recommendations for camera equipment and noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Suggests smart luggage with tracking features.
  • Provides links to purchase gadgets.

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Travel gadgets – Holiday gadgets: Our 15 best travel gadgets for holidays

Cool holiday gadgets are fun and make life easier. In the following table, we present the best holiday gadgets. To provide a better overview, we have divided the travel gadgets into those for women, men and children. This subdivision is for orientation purposes only. You are of course completely free to choose the holiday gadgets that best serve your purposes.

Travel gadgets womenTravel gadgets menTravel gadgets children
Inflatable pillow:
Whether it’s a long-haul flight, train journey, or road trip, an inflatable pillow ensures comfort when travelling. Such a pillow can also be useful when relaxing on the beach or camping. Most of these pillows are also waterproof. They can also be stowed in your hand luggage to save space.

Travel notebook:
A travel notebook can be used to record beautiful holiday memories. It also offers plenty of space for sketches and ideas.

Yes. Too much screen time is not good for children. However, a tablet can do much more than provide the little ones with TV series. Their favourite radio plays can be played on it, and digital versions of board game classics also help to shorten a long journey.
Mini pocket alarm:
If you would like to feel a little safer when walking around your holiday destination in the evening, you should consider a mini pocket alarm. Potential attackers can be scared off with a loud alarm at the push of a button.
Sand repellent beach towel:
The beach is great, of course. But the sand that sticks to the wet towel is less so. If you don’t want to let a sandy towel spoil your day at the beach, this gadget is a good choice.
Colouring books:
Colouring and drawing are a relaxing way for both children and adults to pass the time while travelling. To avoid stains, however, wooden crayons should be the drawing tool of choice for younger children.
Travel towel: 
A towel is a must for every trip. Microfibre towels are particularly space-saving. When rolled up small, they can even fit easily into your hand luggage.

Compact picnic blanket:
In order to be able to eat comfortably or simply relax in the open air, a cosy blanket is the basic requirement. Many picnic blankets can be folded into a small and easily stowable size and can thus be taken anywhere.
Wireless headphones:
Headphones are a good idea for all travellers. However, children’s music and series in particular can be a strain on the nerves of fellow travellers. With the right headphones, however, children can listen to music without disturbing others.

Pocket knife with various functions:
A real classic when it comes to gadgets of all kinds. Especially if you have planned an adventurous holiday, a pocket knife is absolutely necessary. The bottle opener or corkscrew of a multifunction pocket knife alone can save a holiday party. When flying, however, the pocket knife belongs in the suitcase and not in the hand luggage.
Sleep mask:
Many air travellers find it difficult to sleep because of the lighting on the plane. A sleep mask makes it much easier to fall asleep.

Travel game collection:
With a travel-sized game collection, you can turn the flight into a family game night. It’s a sure way to spend an hour or two on a flight.

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#1 Travel Gadgets – Travel Safe 

Most of the time, you can’t avoid carrying one or two valuables with you. If you want to protect your valuables, a travel safe is a good idea. 

This way, your smartphone, laptop or wallet are optimally protected while travelling.

#2 First aid kit

First aid kit

Whether it’s an adventure or a family holiday. Injuries can always happen. Fortunately, most injuries can be treated with a well-stocked first aid kit. Therefore, this gadget is an absolute must for every traveller. 

#3 Travel Gadgets – Powerbank


Even though a break from the digital world would certainly do some travellers good, very few leave their smartphone behind. If you don’t want to do without technical devices when you’re on the road, you need power.  And to be honest, a smartphone is also very practical when travelling. Navigating, booking hotels or hostels, looking for activities, translating texts and much more can be done much more easily with technical support. With a power bank in your luggage, you don’t have to worry about suddenly being without a battery.

A compact power bank for on the go is therefore undeniably very practical. Before buying, you should think about what requirements you have for a power bank. Should it only be able to charge your mobile phone or also your laptop? In addition to classic models that need to be charged in a hotel, there is also a type for outdoor holidaymakers: a solar power bank is, as the name suggests, charged by the sun.

#4 Bluetooth Loudspeaker

A holiday without music? Hardly imaginable. With a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy music everywhere. Whether on the beach, around the campfire or in the comfort of your hotel room, with a Bluetooth speaker you don’t have to miss out on your favourite songs anywhere.

#5 Travel Gadgets – Suitcase Scales 

With your own small luggage scale, you can save yourself nasty surprises at the airport. You can easily weigh your luggage yourself and make sure for the return journey that the holiday souvenirs haven’t made your luggage too heavy.

#6 Travel pillow

Who doesn’t know it: neck tension during long journeys in the car and during long flights …

A travel pillow offers relief on such occasions. It increases comfort and is easy to take along. Most of the time it even fits in your hand luggage. If not, an inflatable travel pillow is recommended.

#7 Holiday gadgets – silicone bottles

If you’re flying on holiday, you have to comply with hand luggage regulations. Shampoos and conditioners in their normal sizes do not comply. Refillable silicone bottles you can fill yourself at home and save money. Small samples from brand manufacturers are usually disproportionately expensive.

#8 Travel Gadgets – Sting Healers

Especially if you are planning a holiday with a lot of nature, you can’t avoid insect bites.  This holiday gadget soothes the itching and pain of insect bites by applying heat to the affected area.

#9 Packing bags

Organizing your own luggage can be a real challenge, especially on long trips. If you have a large backpack or suitcase and need to find something, this is likely to mess up your entire luggage. With practical panniers, you can avoid the chaos and save yourself a long search.

#10 Cable ties

Cable ties are probably not the most exciting travel gadget. But they are very practical. Whether you want to protect the closure of your suitcase or keep your headphone cables from getting knotted, cable ties are ideal. If you find the usual disposable cable ties too boring, you can also reach for the colourful reusable version. There is an endless choice here.

#11 Extendable selfie stick 

Extendable selfie stick

A beautiful trip needs to be captured with even more beautiful photos. For this, a retractable selfie stick is the perfect travel gadget. For even better photos, photography enthusiasts can also get an attachable lens for smartphones.

#12 Gadgets for holidays – luggage locks

Luggage lock

If you are concerned about the contents of your travel suitcase, a luggage lock can provide additional security. If the suitcase is locked with a luggage lock, potential thieves will have a much harder time removing individual items from their luggage.

#13 Waterproof smartphone case

Many smartphones today are already splash-proof. A waterproof smartphone case is still a really cool gadget for the beach. Because with such a case, the mobile phone can also be taken into the water! This way, great photos can also be taken of water activities.

#14 Torch

A torch is versatile and should not be missing in any travel luggage. Whether you want to tell scary stories around the campfire, play shadow games or simply see something on a night walk, you’ll be glad to have a torch with you.

#15 Travel Gadgets – Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm originated in China and can be purchased as a white or red ointment. The term Tiger Balm is a brand name. There are many remedies with the same or similar ingredients. The balm is said to be a small miracle cure for colds and joint problems. So as a gentle way to escape a drippy nose, this travel gadget is definitely recommended.

Bonus: Travel Organizer 

Travel Organizer

You haven’t stowed away all your travel gadgets yet? Then the last gadget we would like to present to you could be the solution. 

A travel organizer for even more travel gadgets!  With a travel organizer, you can keep all your travel essentials organized and have your most important gadgets close at hand.

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