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What to do about fear of flying?

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Fear of flying
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The most important facts about “fear of flying”

  • Distraction is possible through music or movies.
  • Relaxation exercises can also help.
  • Trust in pilots and aircraft technology.
  • Rationalizing your fears can also help.
  • Sedatives can only be used after consultation with a doctor.
  • You can also inform the flight attendants.
  • Talk to someone about your fears.
  • You should obtain information about the flight procedure in advance.
  • You can also watch safety videos.
  • You can also attend special fear of flying seminars.

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Fear of flying can put a huge damper on your holiday mood, but what can be done about it and are there possibly even pills against the fear of flying? You can find out the answers to these questions and many useful tips against the fear of flying in the following blog article.

What is fear of flying?

What is fear of flying? And how many people have a fear of flying? Fear of flying is a so-called phobia. This means that a person is afraid of certain objects or situations – in this case, flying. In a Statista survey, only 3 percent of respondents said they had a strong fear of flying. Another 8.7 percent said about themselves that they had never flown because of fear and another 8.2 percent said they felt very insecure and nervous in aeroplanes.

Which medication helps with the fear of flying?

People who are affected by a strong fear of flying but do not want to be stopped from travelling can try to alleviate their fear with medication. Caution: Fear-of-flying tablets are not always effective or even harmless! If you are thinking about taking medication for fear of flying, you should always consult your doctor first.

Emergency drops for fear of flying

Caution is advised with so-called emergency drops against the fear of flying. These usually consist of natural ingredients. Often they are made from Bach flowers. Although these remedies are rather harmless, they are homoeopathic medicines. Neurexan for fear of flying is also such a medicine. The effectiveness of homoeopathic remedies has not been scientifically proven and probably does not go beyond the placebo effect.

Herbal remedies for fear of flying

Do herbal preparations such as valerian help against the fear of flying?

Unlike homoeopathic medicines, naturopathic medicines such as gentle sedatives with valerian can help against the fear of flying.

Sedatives for fear of flying

Unlike the medicines described above, prescription sedatives work with great certainty. Nevertheless, you should not take them without thinking. Especially because of the relatively high addictive potential of many tranquillisers, treatment should only be done with great caution. To obtain a prescription drug, you must have it prescribed by your attending physician.

How can you overcome the fear of flying?

Even without medication, you have the possibility of overcoming your fear of flying. Perhaps the facts you will learn will make you feel a little more relaxed about getting on a plane.

Reality check

These are the facts against the fear of flying: You can see why the fear of flying is unfounded by looking at the probability of a plane crash. The probability of crashing a plane is just 0.0000004 percent.

Treating fear of flying

Fear of flying can be treated. This way of dealing with the fear of flying is more effective and long-term than treatment with herbal medicines and less dangerous than releasing the fear with drugs like Tavor. There are many ways to treat your fear, from classic behavioural therapy to seminars on the fear of flying.

Hypnosis for fear of flying

Hypnosis for fear of flying can also be an effective method of therapy. In such hypnotherapy, patients are supposed to have good experiences with air travel in their imagination. In this way, the feeling of fear or dependence is to be replaced by feelings of security and self-determination.

What can be done against the fear of flying in children?

Holidays with children are a challenge anyway. If the little ones also suffer from fear of flying, the trip quickly turns into stress. However, with good preparation and the right remedies for children’s fear of flying, this can be counteracted.

Fear of flying: tips for flying with children

To make the journey as pleasant as possible for you or your children, we have put together the following tips. This way, fear of flying may soon be a thing of the past.


Easier said than done. But the right remedy for children’s fear of flying is relaxation. Reassure your child and tell them that there is no danger.

Tip: Use the placebo effect. This is particularly effective with children. Give your child a piece of candy and reassure him or her that this candy will help against the fear. The child will most likely be less afraid.


The most important thing, however, is that you support your child in dealing with the feeling of anxiety. Be honest about your anxiety and reassure the child that this is normal but that the situation is perfectly safe.


Distract your child. Game consoles, mobile phones or books work wonders here. It is much easier to overcome your fear when you are watching your favourite heroes and heroines fearlessly going on adventures.

Seat selection

Combating fear of flying starts with choosing a seat. But where is the best place to sit on a plane if you have a fear of flying? Here, it is best to secure a seat directly above the wings. The vibrations are felt least here. If these seats are already occupied, you should sit in the front part of the plane. Find out more about the best seats on the plane here.

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