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Delayed at Miami Airport?

About Miami International Airport

Connecting South Florida with destinations across the United States and around the world, Miami International Airport is an important gateway to Latin America. Miami International is home to airlines from around the world, moving people and cargo throughout the Americas, Europe and beyond. The airport has a significant impact on Miami’s economy, both as an economic driver and a major employer. In 2013, Miami International accommodated 395,922 commercial aircraft flight operations (that is, take-offs and landings). Being one of the busiest airports in the United States, Miami International Airport struggles with delays but maintains fair statistics when compared to other airports in the country.

Miami International Airport serves communities and residents throughout Miami-Dade County and South Florida. The airport is operated by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD). The IATA airport code for Miami International is MIA, which is also used when referring to the airport. The airport is the largest gateway to Latin America from the United States. According to MIA’s operator, the airport ranked second in the United States in total internal passengers and 12th in total passengers. Among airports around the world, Miami International ranked 26th in total international passengers and 28th in terms of total passengers. In 2013, the airport saw 20 million domestic and 20.2 million international passengers depart and arrive from its gates, and also handled over 11 million tons of freight.

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Miami International’s terminal building features one linear concourse, labeled concourse D or North. The terminal also features five pier-shaped concourses, which are lettered E to J. Concourses E, F and G are also known as the Central Terminal, while Concourses H and J are known collectively as the South Terminal. Miami International Airport is one of the largest airline hubs in the United States. It serves as a hub for American Airlines, as well as a focus city for airlines from Central and South America. The airport is served by over 80 scheduled and charter airlines from around the world. These airlines connect Miami and South Florida to 141 destinations via non-stop flights and 7 additional destinations with one stop en route. Airlines serving MIA include Air Berlin, Air FranceAmerican AirlinesBritish AirwaysUnited Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic.

For more information about Miami International Airport, including terminal locations for individual airlines website. Additional historical information about airport delays may be found at TransStats, or visit the website for up-to-date flight status for MIA and other airports across the country.

The Airport’s History

Founded in 1928, Miami International Airport is situated close to downtown Miami on 3,230 acres of land. When it opened, the airport was known as Pan American Field and served as the base for Pan American Airways. The airport’s main terminal traces its roots to 1959, although a number of expansions have transformed the building over time.
Miami International Airport is undergoing a $6.4 billion Capital Improvement Program to upgrade operations, including the terminal buildings, roadways, cargo facilities and the airfield. Terminals are being expanded to accommodate more aircraft and passengers. When complete, the North, Central and South terminals will feature 130 gates, including 106 international and 24 domestic gates.

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Delays happen quite often – Compensation could be available

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Miami International Airport ranks well among the top 29 major U.S. airports in terms of arrival and departure postponement and cancellation. As of February 2013, the airport ranked 12th among all airports in the United States with 81.56% of flights arriving on time. In terms of departures, MIA ranked lower and placed 18th with 79.9% of flights departing on time. A number of reasons cause schedule setbacks at Miami International Airport. The main cause of late departing and arriving flights were National Aviation System delays, accounting for 6.09% of schedule disruptions during this period. Other schedule issues were caused by the late arrival of an incoming aircraft (6.03%) and air carrier operations (5.4%). Weather accounted for 0.57% of all rescheduled flights, while security delays accounted for 0.03%. During period, 1.22% of flights were cancelled at Miami International.

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Delay, cancellation, overbooking or missed connection flight? You are entitled to:

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Recently cancelled or delayed flights at Miami International Airport

Here you’ll find delays and cancellations at Miami International Airport that could entitle you to financial compensation. Use our online calculator to check your entitlement to compensation and let Flightright do the rest of the work.


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